About Us

We make art through nature, bringing a more natural and artistic way to display plants.

We strongly believe that our kokedamas can connect you with nature, beauty, and peace. So you can experience growth within you through the plants.  

Our mission is to be the leaders of Kokedamas where we offer handmade living art pieces to every house that will create a community of unison, beauty, and peace.

We envision a world where people are more connected with nature and inner self to benefit their mental, physical, and emotional state.

  • Anatomy of our Kokedamas

    Kokedama is an ancient Japanese art created over 1000 years ago that means ball of moss. This technique recreates a unique habitat where nature and art blends intimately promoting health and relaxation.

  • Watering System

    The moss makes the watering system simpler by absorbing and draining very well.  

    The submerging time could be from 5 to 15 minutes every one, two, three or even four weeks, depending on the type of plant and the temperature.

    After the kokedama is submerged, it has to drain for 20 minutes. Then you put back onto the plate.

  • Decor

    Kokedama plant exhibits a beautiful way of gardening and adding freshness, greenery and sophistication to your indoor space with little care and maintenance.

  • Benefits of our Kokedamas

    -We offer free support. you'll have the best experience owning a kokedama.

    -A more artistic way to display a plants; Kokedamas saves up spaces and gives a mystical effect to your special place.

    -Nature by itself,
    less plastic, no pots.

    -It’s Handmade
    with love and care.

    -It’s a lovely gift.

  • Music for you and your plants

    Listen to our Free Spotify plant playlist and lift your spirit.

    Our Kokedamas are meant to connect with nature more deeply and uniquely.

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  • Events

    Check where are we going to be next so you can pick your next Kokedama, buy a new one for a gift, or drop off your Kokedama for maintenance.

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Kokedama Support

We understand being a plant parent is not easy sometimes.

We are here to guide you in your experience!

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