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Mini Kokedama | Moss Ball Kokedamas

Mini Kokedama | Moss Ball Kokedamas

Kokedamas are a symbol of health, balance, zen energy, beauty and peace.

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Enhance your small spaces or show your loved ones you care with handmade mini Kokedama plants. Choose your favorite plant family and let us surprise you with a random selection. Price is per Kokedama. 

*We can't guarantee a specific plant since they come in assorted. Also, accessories are not included*


Preserved green moss, special soil mix, handpicked plants from certified local nurseries, green poliester thread.

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Care Instructions

On the back of the tag we provide instructions on your first submerging and how often you have to do it after that.

For more information visit the Kokedama Care Center

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Kokedamas こけだま

Live, healthy plant in the kokedama Japanese art, created over 1000 years ago that means ball of moss. This technique recreates a unique habitat where nature and art blends intimately promoting health and relaxation.

  • Materials

    We use preserved green moss sustainably procured and never toxic, special soil mix, handpicked plants from certified local nurseries, and green polyester thread.

  • Watering made simple

    The moss makes the watering system simpler by absorbing and draining very well.

    The Submerging time is usually twice a month. This depends on the type of plant and the temperature.

  • Add Color to your life

    The Color Twine It's an extra layer of decorative waterproof thread. We weave this by hand as an extra layer. 

    The accessory adds extra character to the kokedama, also perfect to match your home decoration.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Carol Mayne (United States)
Name: Carol M
Share with us how owning our Kokedamas has created an impact in your life!: CORRECTED review
Update to my negative review below

I was contacted by the company a few days later. They have since been VERY accommodating and gracious. The dilemma was apparently with the company used to send the mini ball. They lost my gift. I wanted to be sure and correct my frustrated negative review. This company turned things around quickly and with out issue. Thank you!

Andrew G. (United States)
Name: Andrew G
Share with us how owning our Kokedamas has created an impact in your life!: Bought this from the owner at a craft market
Love My Plant Ball

I bought my Mini Kokedama Moss Ball from at a local Traveling Craft Market that comes to Tallahassee FL where the owner was selling these in person. I loved hearing his story about the plants and being apart of the family! I have had mine for 2 weeks now and am loving it, it appears to be thriving as I have followed the directions on how to care for my plant!

Ana Nym (United States)
Name: Anon
Share with us how owning our Kokedamas has created an impact in your life!: Story?
Died 3 days after I got them

I have multiple kokedama, and they are beautiful, and I’ve had them for months. These 2 mini kokedamas died 3 days after I received them. I contacted Kazumi, but got no response. You can see my healthy (older) kokedamas in the wide shot, the 2 mini dead ones are in the singular pics.


Beautiful. Doing well so far. Easy to take care off.


So cute!