Kokedama Learning Center

Kokedama Learning Center

Kokedamas こけだま

Kokedama is an ancient Japanese art created over 1000 years ago that means ball of moss. This technique recreates a unique habitat where nature and art blend intimately promoting health and relaxation.

Watering System

The moss makes the watering system simpler by absorbing and draining very well.

It is recommended to submerge 3/4 of the moss ballin potable water.

The Submerging time is usually twice a month. This depends on the type of plant and the temperature.

After the kokedama is submerged,
it has to drain for 20 minutes.
Then it is put back onto the plate.

Kokedama Tips

Name your Kokedama

Plants do feel, talk to it and make it feel part of your family.

Use clean water

Room temperature potable water (filtered, distilled, purified, bottled)

Also, rainwater, if you're able to collect, it has more oxygen, which promotes plant growth.

Place your kokedama

In a place where you can constantly appreciate the plant, surround it with items you like. Avoid placing it under the AC vent.

Play music to you and your plant

Listen to our Spotify plant playlist and lift your spirit.

Our Kokedamas are meant to connect you with nature more deeply and uniquely.

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We offer free support

We are here to guide you during the care, no more dead plants!

You'll have the best experience owning our kokedamas.

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