Positive Impact Of Kokedamas In The World

Kokedamas create a world of possibilities for style and decor. Suitable for both indoors and outside use. Nonetheless, it's also a beautiful art that will connect you with nature in a unique way.

A Superb Purifier For The Air 

Plants in the Kokedama technique have an incredible capacity to filter the air within the home while producing a peaceful ambiance ideal for relaxation. Research shows that plants may help clean the air by removing harmful pollutants from the atmosphere. 

Relaxing And Calming Properties 

We believe that Kokedamas may remove bad energy from your home by absorbing it. You may sit back and relax in the living room thanks to the tranquility provided by the kokedama in your space. They have the potential to ease your mind, body, and soul, which is an advantage. 

A Mystical Touch To Your Home 

Decoration with kokedamas has been a Japanese tradition for centuries. These moss balls are and will always be a stunning ornamental item.

Maintenance Is Simple  

Kokedama is sometimes referred to as the "lazy man's bonsai" since it is simpler to care for and needs less time and effort than a bonsai tree. A few minutes of watering every week or twice a month is all it takes to keep a lovely moss ball looking great. 

Suitable For Both Indoor And Outdoor Uses 

Are you curious about the possibility of creating an outdoor kokedama garden? Yes, it is correct. There are many ways to enjoy kokedama that aren't limited to the confines of your home. You don't need to be a master floral designer to make magnificent kokedama displays in your garden. They may be set on trays, dinnerware, plates, or even placed outdoors on patios and balconies. 

Kokedama Vs. Pots: A Comparative Analysis 

Kokedama is the construction of the moss ball with the plant by hand, different than planting using pots or the ground.

With pots, we tend to under or over-water plants, mostly if the drainage is not appropriate. In the case of Kokedamas, all you do is submerge 3/4 of the moss ball in water from 5 to 10 min depending on the variety. 

The best way to connect with your Kokedama is by lifting the moss ball; when you feel it's very lightweight it's because it needs to be water.

 Kokedama maintenance it's easy, unique, and fun!

The Last Words 

Japanese people have been crafting lovely Kokedamas for over 1000 years. We are continuing the education to promote the health and well-being that this technique provides, envisioning a world where people are more connected with nature and their inner self to benefit their mental, physical, and emotional state.

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