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Taking a page from the 1000 years old Japanese tradition, Kokedamas create the perfect environment for bonsai growing. Carefully handcrafted by covering the roots with a special soil mix and wrapped in a final layer of green moss, it’s a low-maintenance technique that even beginners won’t find hard to keep alive.  

How to care for a kokedama bonsai

Give It A Good Spot 

Your bonsai will be the happiest in a bright spot where it can receive around 3 to 6 hours of direct sunlight. Keep it away from draughts, vents, and extreme temperatures. If you don’t get enough sunlight indoors, you may want to consider low-light species

Don’t Keep It Thirsty 

Just like all other plants, your kokedama needs water. The easiest way to water your kokedama is to submerge 3/4 of the moss ball in potable water, every three weeks for 15 minutes. Remove the plant and give it a gentle squeeze to get rid of the excess water. Tropical species like it humid and will benefit from misting the foliage frequently between waterings.    

They’ll Appreciate Some Food 

Our plants come with a slow-release nutrient formula already packed in the rootball area. Beyond that, you can feed your bonsai liquid plant food, but only offer them half the recommended dosage on the package. Only feed once a month during the growing season, from March to October. Avoid overfeeding as it can do more harm than good.  

Keep It Prim And Proper 

The bonsai art isn’t complete without pruning! It keeps your plant healthy and attractive. Remove any brown or dry leaves and cut off dead branches using sharp pruning shears. You can trim your bonsai during the active growing season, spring, summer, and autumn. In winter, you don’t need to worry about pruning. The plant may lose leaves, but that’s completely normal since the plant is in hibernation.  

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