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Kazumi Garden

Calathea Medallion

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Color Twine

Live healthy plant in the kokedama Japanese art, special soil mix inside wrapped with moss. Made by hand, especially for you and your loved ones.

Calathea is a symbol of a new beginning because during the night some leaves will turn over.

For more info visit the Calathea Kokedama Care Center



H: 18"-21”,

W: 7"-8"


Submerging Time

Indoor: 10 minutes every two weeks

Outdoor: 10 minutes once a week

The plant will absorb water more often during the summertime than in wintertime.

Light Requirements

-Indoor low to medium indirect light
-Outdoor shaded.

Extra Information

Humidity: 50% or more

Temperature: 65 - 85 F

Pet Friendly: Yes

Color Twine

It's a decorative extra layer of waterproof thread. This adds extra character to the kokedama, also perfect to match your home decoration.