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  • What We Do


    We make kokedamas by hand, a Japanese technique meaning ball of soil wrapped in moss making any ornamental plant pot-less. Because each kokedama are shaped by hand; this is where our uniqueness stands out from any other kokedama maker.  We're the best in the market! 

  • How We Learned


    Mercedes took a trip to Japan to visit her daughter where she saw the technique,fell in love as her passion was always indoor plants and got certified in Nagoya, Japan

  • What We've Become


    We've become more than a business as this has made us more united and stronger as a family bringing you all our love and dedication into each and every single kokedama

  • Benefits


    Way easier to maintain than a pot. The moss absorbs the water & humidity needed for the plant, making it the best drainage system. Also, the moss moistens the air so it's good for the skin. Most importantly, having a kokedama brightens your day and helps the environment!

  • Why Kazumi


    Chosen with the help of our granddaughter from Japan, Kazumi means beauty and peace in Japanese and this is exactly what our kokedamas bring to the world. A piece of us made with love and care to you

  • What You Have To Do


    Continue the love by naming your kokedama, putting music and talking to it as they do feel the energy we transmit. So, have a connection with your kokedama by lifting it. Once it's very lightweight, it needs water!

  • How To Submerge

    Deep 3/4 of moss ball and let it absorb water for 5-15 minutes, depending on the plant.

  • Free Support


    Any concerns or questions, we're here to help. This is our passion and our art, so we care and want you to have the best experience with your chosen kokedama!



  • Sarasota Open Air Fine Art Show
    Phillippi Estate Park
  • Estero Open Air Fine Art Show
    Fenway South Park
  • 20th Anniversary Hobe Sound Festival of the Arts
    11954 SE Dixie Hwy
  • Fairchild The Sweetest Stroll
    Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
  • Spring Festivals of Arts and Crafts
    Downtowne Mt Dora Inc
  • Mount Dora Blueberry Festival
    Donnelly Park

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