Kokedama Care

How deep to submerge my kokedama?

Just above ¾ of the moss ball. Some plants don’t like the water touching the leaves such as the African violets.

What kind of water should I use for my kokedama?

Any room temperature drinkable water. It could be filtered, distilled, purified, bottled or even collected from rain once in a while.

How often should I submerge my kokedama?

Depends on the type of plant. It is specified how often in the back of the tag with our logo.
It is encouraged to always weight your kokedama. Once it’s very VERY lightweight, it needs water.

What if some leaves are turning yellow or brown?

If only one or two leaves are turning brown and you see new ones coming out, it’s ok. It is a normal cycle for a live plant to replace its leaves. If most of the leaves are turning yellow or brown, please contact us before the plant dies.

Where to put my kokedama?

It is very important to put your kokedama on a flat base, if it's a bowl it needs to be big enough so the moss can be ventilated. Do not put in a tight container where it covers the whole moss ball, this can create too much humidity and it can damage the plant. About the location, It depends on the type of plant, we usually informed this at the moment of the sale or in our care detailed instructions. Also, you can refer to our website where we classify the kokedamas to their ideal light requirement. If still uncertain, please contact us.

Could I return my kokedama?

Only if you are in constant communication and have been reporting an usual issue with your kokedama from the start.

What plant food should I use and how often?

For kokedamas with flowering, we use Scotts super bloom: 2 tablespoons per gallon of water once a month. For kokedamas without flowering, we use Miracle-Gro Liquid all purpose concentrate (yellow gallon) : 1 teaspoon per gallon of water every 2 weeks or 2 tablespoons per gallon of water once a month. ***you could do a separate container of a gallon and do the mix. Then, use this container everytime you need to apply plant food to your kokedama. Or else, you would need to do how much water you use, in order to know how many tablespoons you need to apply directly. e.g. Scotts super bloom. If you use half of gallon, apply 1 tablespoon

How to submerge my kokedama?

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