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Money Tree

It is ideal to have a connection with your kokedama. Lift it…once it’s very lightweight, it needs water!!


10 minutes every 2 weeks

Please put a timer

I like to be submerged ¾ of my moss ball, in-room temperature drinkable water (filtered, distilled, purified or if you collect from rain occasionally, I'll thrive) Tap water has high chlorine.

If outdoor during Summer and Spring consider once a week.

While submerging splash or spray with water my leaves. 


Then take me out, and let the water drain for about 20 minutes in an empty container or the sink.

I might need water more often during Summer and Spring or less often during Winter.

Always lift me!


  • If my leaves turned yellow or dropped is because you have forgotten to water me.

  • If green leaves are falling off of the plant, you are overwatering.


Medium to High Shaded


The more light I receive, the more I will grow, but never expose me to direct sunlight. 

Don’t put me in a dark place all day long nor outside in the sun all day long.




I thrive on humidity but I can tolerate a low humidity environment.


  • Name me.

  • Talk to me with much love.

  • Put music. Kazumi Garden has my favorite songs in their free Spotify Plant Playlist


65-80 degrees

65-80 degrees If below or above, please put me inside. Do not place me under the A/C vent nor near a TV.


Indoor or Outdoor shaded


Place me indoor and I adapt from low to high indirect light. Put a plate under me, but it can’t be tight covering all the moss ball. My ecosystem needs ventilation.


If I catch rain just once a week, I'm fine. Otherwise, I could be overwatered and be damaged.


Once a month.

Feed once a month in the Spring Summer and Fall. No fertilizer during the Winter. 

We use MiracleGro All Purpose Liquid Plant Food concentrate (yellow gallon). Find it on Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s.

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