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It is ideal to have a connection with your kokedama. Lift it…once it’s very lightweight, it needs water!!


Guzmania:  10 minutes every 2 weeks.

Tillandsia: 10 minutes every 2 weeks.

Neoregelia: 10 minutes every 3 weeks.

Please put a timer

I like to be submerged ¾ of my moss ball, in-room temperature drinkable water (filtered, distilled, purified or if you collect from rain occasionally, I'll thrive) Tap water has high chlorine. 

Please pour water when empty in middle on all levels of my leaves. 


Then take me out, and let the water drain for 20 minutes in an empty container or the sink. After being drained, put me back on my plate or hanger.


I might need water more often during Summer and Spring or less often during winter.

Always lift me!


Medium to High Indirect Light


The more light I receive, the more I will grow, but never expose me to direct sunlight. 

Don’t put me in a dark place all day long nor outside in the sun all day long.




I thrive on humidity. If your humidity level indoor is less than 50%, then consider these options:

1. Put pebbles on my plate with a little bit of water and spray water on me at least twice a week.

2. Consider getting a humidifier to increase the level.


55-90 degrees

If below or above, please put me inside. Do not place me under the A/C vent nor near the TV.


Indoor or Outdoor shaded


For Neoregelia only outdoor. indirect light April-October. Direct sunlight November-March but mostly shade.


For Tillandsia and Guzmania could be outdoor as well. If indoor put them by a window with fresh moving air.


If we catch rain just once a week, we are fine. Otherwise, we could be overwatered and be damaged.

Put a plate under us, but it can’t be tight covering all the moss ball. My ecosystem needs ventilation.



  • The Bromeliad Tillandsia losses its flower, be patient and keep submerging it, the blooms come back in time. 

  • All bromeliads will grow a pup on the side so the "mom" will move to give room. Once this happens and you would like to take them apart, please refer to our video link below.

  • If leaves get brown spots is because of direct sunlight.

  • If white spots appear like chalky, it's because you are using tap water that contains high chlorine


  • Name me.

  • Talk to me with much love.

  • Put music. Kazumi Garden has my favorite songs in their free Spotify Plant Playlist


Once a month.

Use a weak liquid fertilizer during March through October once a month. Most well-balanced fertilizers will do. Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers. Mix it in water and the submerge.

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