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African Violet

It is ideal to have a connection with your kokedama. Lift it…once it’s very lightweight, it needs water!!


10 minutes every 2 weeks

Please put a timer

I like to be submerged above ¾ of my moss ball, in-room temperature drinkable water (filtered, distilled, purified or if you collect from rain occasionally, I'll thrive) Tap water has high chlorine and it could damage me.

DO NOT let water touch my leaves.


Let the water drain for 20 minutes in an empty container or the sink. After being drained, put me back on my plate or hanger.

I might need water more often during summertime or less often during winter.

Always lift me!


  • Lack of flowers can be caused by lack of light.

  • Leaves are pale from too much light.

  • Plant is limp and wilted with moist soil, caused by overwatering.


Medium to High Shaded

The more light I receive, the more I will grow. I prefer the morning sun or the late sun for a few hours only.

Don’t put me in a dark place all day long nor outside in the sun all day long.




I thrive on humidity, but I can tolerate more dryness. If your humidity level is too high it can cause leaves to rot, so medium is best.


  • Relocate me to a more lit room.

  • Less time in the light, please.

  • Submerge me for less time.


65-75 degrees

Do not place me under the A/C vent nor near a TV.


Inside or Outdoor shaded


Place me in a location that receives bright, indirect light. A site near an east or north window is ideal. If a suitable window isn't available, place African violets under a fluorescent light containing two 40-watt fluorescent tubes.

The plate you use for me can’t be tight covering all the moss ball, my ecosystem needs ventilation.


Once a month.

During the growing season (spring and summer), feed me once a month using 1/4 of liquid fertilizer. in the water while submerging. If you use too much fertilizer it'll hurt me.

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